Green Lavender

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This is another soap in my collection made with shea butter and pure lavender essential oil, but this time also with dry lavender shavings for a light scrubbing effect. Shea butter is a well known superfood for the skin. When combined with other rich oils such as coconut, palm, and Algarvian olive oil, it creates a fabulous hand and body soap for everyday use. This Lavender soap will nicely moisturize your skin and help it look healthier, younger and smoother. And to make this soap even more unique, I added a bit of the Algarvian sea salt to it. Thick creamy lather will turn your bathing into a pleasant experience. Please enjoy my Green Lavender soap!

Shea butter, Coconut oil, Palm oil, Algarvian Olive oil, Castor oil, Essential oils and fragrances, Dry lavender shavings, Algarvian sea salt, Sodium hydroxide (lye), Water.

This soap is certified in the EU.

size S 65-70 g
size L 130-140 g


Our natural soaps are handcrafted in cold process from oils and butters of a highest quality. There are no artificial foaming agents, conservatives, or animal fats among ingredients. Cold process means that we make our soaps from scratch using raw materials. That allows us to apply our own recipes and create luxury soaps, excellent natural moisturizers and emollients. Algarvian olive oil, coconut oil, palm oil, and castor oil are the base ingredients in our soaps that ensure their richness in vitamins and necessary minerals, nice lather and bubbles, hardness and great cleansing.

THIS IS THE HANDMADE PRODUCT. Although we strictly follow our rules and standards, the soap colour and scent may slightly differ from batch to batch.

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Shea Butter
For more than a thousand years shea butter has been used by men to protect skin from sun and winds, and to heal various skin problems. Due to its richness in unsaturated fats, allantoin, vitamin A, E and D, shea butter is one of the best moisturizing, anti-aging, regenerating and protecting superfood for the skin. It also contains cinnamic acid, a component that helps to protect skin from harmful UV rays.

Algarvian Olive Oil
Yet in ancient times people used olive oil as an anti-aging remedy. Olive oil contains major antioxidants that make it to be a great cleanser, moisturizer, and skin protector. Rich in vitamins A and E, olive oil helps to restore skin elasticity and rejuvenate skin. Olive oil penetrates deeply into the skin without clogging pores which allows to moisten the skin very thoroughly. Because it is non-greasy, olive oil can be also used for oily skin. Olive oil’s antioxidants and good fats fight free radicals and heal the skin.

Coconut Oil
Coconut oil is a natural antibacterial and antifungal product with excellent benefits for the skin. Being rich in many proteins, coconut oil helps to keep skin healthy, elastic and rejuvenated. It has an ability to deeply penetrate into the skin, making it soft and nicely moisturized. Yet due to the absorbed fatty acids, akin receives nutrition and energy to heal and maintain itself. Coconut oil is a natural cleanser that removes dirt and dead skin cells, which makes it a perfect component for natural soaps.

Palm Oil
Palm oil has been used for almost 5 thousand years. Its health benefits are undeniable, and one of the most important components of palm oil is the vitamin E. Being a good antioxidant, vitamin E combats free radicals that cause skin aging, and reduce wrinkles and fine lines. Palm oil is known for its refatting agents that help to restore and regenerate skin cells. In skin products palm oil is also used to moisturize the skin and remove dirt from it.

Castor Oil
Castor oil is a vegetable oil extracted from seeds of the castor oil plant native to tropical Asia and Africa. Being high in Vitamin E, minerals, proteins and fatty acids, it is widely used in lipsticks, hair and skin care products. Castor oil is also known for its natural antibacterial and antifungal properties.

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